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Floor cleaning mop

floor cleaning mop
floor cleaning mop
floor cleaning mop
floor cleaning mop

EVA sponge mop head refills, super absorbent and durable household sponge head replacement, easy cleaning mop, sponge mops for floor cleaning

1.Soft and durable sponge mop refill:Unlike other rubber cotton mop heads, our mop head becomes hard, just put it in water and it will soften quickly.

2.Sponge mops for floor cleaning:Sponge Mop is ideal for home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office, corner cleaning. Mop and bucket is the right choice to deal with dog hair and cat hair.

3.High-Speed water absorbent:EVA sponge material, our absorbent mop head can wring it quickly. Drastically reduce water use and time while cleaning more effectively.

4.What you get:We have our professional factory. Welcome guide, our worry-free 12-month , and great customer service.

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Desc: MOP
Product number: BD-05
Material: SS+EVA+PP Size:
155*32CM, HANDLE DIA:2.2CM
Color: COLOR AS PIC Weight:
Package: 1PC/HANGING CARD Qty./ctn: 12
Ctn meas: 158*10*40CM Cbm: 0.063
Tt ctn 1*40hq:
1076 Tt qty 1*40hq(unit):
Total volume:


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What is a floor cleaning mop? The floor cleaning mop is one of the commonly used cleaning tools in our home life. Nowadays, with the upgrading of technology, mops are also being updated, and all kinds of mops have appeared.


The floor cleaning mop is one of the mops. The mop head of the flat mop has a strong water absorption rate and is more durable. Because the mop rod of the rotating mop is made of stainless steel, the bearing capacity is stronger.


From the practical analysis: the flat mop can be placed in the corner of the wall without washing by hand, which saves space; the rotating mop can be hung, which saves space. The flat mop does not need to bend over, and it can easily dry the water; when the rotating mop is used, it needs to be shaken, but the dehydration does not splash back. The advantage of the flat mop is that it has a large mopping area, which makes it easier to mop clean.


China floor cleaning mop factory


Knowbody Cleaning products is a professional design, development, and production of cleaning clothmop Manufacturers, mop, floor cleaning mop, Broom Factory. The products are of good quality and low price. They have been exported to dozens of countries and regions. You are welcome to email us.


China floor cleaning mop factory, supplier


Knowbody Cleaning products are one of China's leading floor cleaning mop suppliers and also floor cleaning mop products manufacturer. Our Flat Mop product quality has passed international certification and the price is affordable. Welcome to call to order our products wholesale.

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  1.Hands-free Self-cleaning Mop:

  A two grooved bucket allows you to wet and dry your mop easily, it makes sure that the dirt from your floor is lifted away and never comes back. Drastically reduce the water use while cleaning more effectively.


  2.Wet or Dry Usage:

  Perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, corner cleaning. Use wet for a deep clean or use dry for dusting floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.


  3.Microfiber Mop Pads:

  Deep cleaning cloth removes and absorbs dirt and filth


  4.High-quality Build:

  Heavy duty bucket and stainless-steel mop handle will not rust stains, unbreakable, long time life. The handle can be extended to 63.0 inches long.


  5.We Guarantee Your Satisfaction:

  1-year warranty and 30 days no questions asked return policy. We want to make shopping with us easy for you, so we remove your risk!

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  1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

  All of them. We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of household cleaning products.288 Shangguan Road, Linhai City,

  Zhejiang Province, China. We are a trading company selling cleaning and laundry product.


  2: How can I get one or more samples?

  1> Apply for express account, such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc., so that samples can be paid on delivery.


  3: What's your minimum order?

  A: Our products are delivered in full containers. It is acceptable that all kinds of products meet the minimum order quantity.


  4: What about the delivery date?

  After we confirm all the production details with our customers, the normal delivery time is 35 to 45 days.


  5: What are your terms of payment and delivery?

  Payment method: telegraphic transfer. 30% as down payment before manufacture and 70% as balance before delivery.

  Delivery: FOB Ningbo is recommended for all buyers. If the quantity is large, our entity is also close to Shanghai port.

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