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Spray mops are a popular choice for cleaning floors. They use a stream of water to clean the surface and they can be used on hard or soft surfaces. There are a variety of spray mops on the market, so it is important to choose one that is right for your needs.

What is magic mop? Spray mop, also called water spray mop, is different from traditional mop, spray mop allows you to clean the surface easily without frequently changing the wet pad or immersing the mop in a bucket of cleaning liquid. Spray Mop can spray water while mopping the floor, so you don't have to continue washing the mop when the mop is dirty or there is no water on the floor. Spray Mop is convenient and practical, and it is the choice of many families.


Let Spray Mop make your life easier


Do you have a floor that needs a good cleaning but don't have the time or energy to clean it? Or maybe you're just not a fan of cleaning? If so, then a spray mop is the perfect solution for you! A spray mop is like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. You just fill it with water and use it to clean your floors. They're really easy to use, and there are a lot of different models available.


We have specialized in mop cleaning for many years. Our quality meets the requirements of top brands, so you can completely trust our quality. In addition, We have a variety of cleaning tool products for you to choose, Can also customize the style for you.


Best Spray Mop Wholesaler in China


Knowbody Cleaning products is a professional supplier of spray mop. The quality of spray mop has been certified by the country and the price is low.


We have our own production workshop and design team, and have long-term cooperative supply of raw materials. If we cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices. We also have long-term cooperation with freight companies, no matter from which point of view, we are the best choice.


Welcome new and old customers to call and book in bulk.


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