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Window squeegee is an essential tool in any household. It helps clean the glass and removes any residues that may have built up on the window. It is important to use a window squeegee regularly to keep your windows clean and free of residue.

Every home has a Window Squeegee


Many people want the easiest way to clean the stains on the glass, but what kind of method is good? There are many artifacts for cleaning glass on the market. Some smart tools can not only make the glass very clean, but also operate. It's very simple. So how do you use Window Squeegee? What is the method of wiping glass? These contents will help you understand the problem of wiping glass. Let's take a look at these specific introductions.


How to use Window Squeegee? How to wipe the glass?


How to use Window Squeegee?


1. Open the double-sided glass window cleaner by hand. When starting to use, remember to tie the outer piece with a safety rope and wrap the safety rope around your wrist.


2. Soak the product and apply the cleaning solution to the clean surface, or use detergent to add water to the bucket. Place the corded piece outside the window (the cord must be long enough to clean every corner of the product), and the handle piece will be sucked into the window.


3. Move the safety pillar switch on the product (there is one on the left and right sides of the product), it can be tightly attached to the glass, and the window can be closed tightly for use. Rotate the button on the wipe 90° to easily change the wipe.


4. Follow the product arrow (product "arrow" appearance) to point from top to bottom, follow the "C" type route to scrub, that is, the two sides are lower and the middle arches upwards, and the product arrow points are always in front of the scrubbing, scraping back and forth.


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