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What are the precautions for cleaning mop

duhui 2021-06-11

  What are the precautions for cleaning mop?


cleaning mop


  1. It is best to remove hair and dust garbage first before the time to extend the mop.


  2. The drag of the mop is as close as possible to the ripple of the floor, it is easy to remove the dirt to the effect of cleaning.


  3. The cleaning mop is preferably flushed with flowing water. If there is a habit of using the floor cleaner, the dirty mop can be rushed out of the faucet, and then poured into the bucket containing the detergent and then slings.


  4. Pay attention to the use of various types of mop, use the method to improve the efficiency of the mop, such as some rubber cotton mop, before use.


  5. Use a mop to wipe the wood floor, try not to use a high-moisture mop, such as a rubber porch dragon. Because the wooden floor surface mask capillary hole, it is easy to absorb the water, resulting in fragile floor deformation, shortening life.


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