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What are the main advantages of several types of cleaning twist mops

duhui 2021-09-17

The main advantages of several types of cleaning twist mops:


1. Replaceable head twist mop


It adopts a replaceable twist mop head design, first use a wet mop to mop the floor, and then change to a dry mop to mop the floor. Moreover, if the mop is broken, it can be replaced, which saves costs. Traditional twist mops are still the most used, so many manufacturers still focus on traditional twist mops.


cleaning mops


2. Twist the water mop


(1) Stainless steel material, will not rust after long-term use


(2) Use microfiber cloth for wiping car glass and glasses


(3) Super decontamination ability, electrostatic adsorption ability, water absorption ability


(4) The top of the cleaning head is equipped with a protective part to avoid damage to the cleaned surface from the tip of the working rod.


(5) A fixing device is installed at the lower end of the rotating drum to avoid the movement of the rotating drum when working.


(6) A center positioning device is installed at the upper end of the rotary drum to avoid swinging during work.


(7) A non-return lock is installed on the working rod to avoid reversal when the rotating drum is working and squeezing water.


(8) Telescopic pole design, adjust the length according to the height


(9) Rotating and squeezing water effortlessly, no auxiliary tools


(10) The cloth head can be easily replaced


3. Rubber cotton twist mop


Its biggest feature is that while ensuring the self-cleaning function of the squeezing water twist mop is inherited, the material of the working head is changed using polyvinyl alcohol rubber cotton.


The collodion has strong water absorption, which can fully guarantee the cleaning work needs of the working head.


The main changes are around the water squeezing function, the main types are:


(1) Roller squeezes water


(2) Squeeze water on the board


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