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The 10 best mops for 2021

duhui 2021-09-24

1.steam mops


As the name implies, the steam mop can generate high-temperature steam when mopping the floor. When in use, fill the water tank with water directly to generate steam and start mopping the floor. In this way, no moisture will remain on the wooden floor, which is of great help to the maintenance of the wooden floor.


2.spin mop


The rotating mop basically does not need to change the mop head, and even if it is changed, it is very convenient. In addition, the rotating mop can still be hand-washed, hand-twisted, and rotated 360 degrees freely, so it will be very convenient when mopping the floor.


The 10 best mops for 2021


3.spray mop


The spray mop can be operated with one hand, and the spray mop is dry when wet, saves effort, does not dirty hands, and does not hurt the waist! The spray mop is designed according to artificial mechanics. The handle is extended without bending, and the multi-point assist system makes it easy to press gently. It can also rotate 360° and easily clean all dead corners of the room; it can not only be used to clean the floor, but also can be used to clean glass and windows safely at high altitude! Easily control different scenes and environments to cope with different needs for you. The spray mop can be atomized instantaneously, and it can be mopped and dried without leaving any marks. It is suitable for all floors on the market.


4.flat mop


The mop head overturns the traditional round head and adopts a flat design to allow the soleplate and the ground to be fully stressed. The mop is made of fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber, which is easy to wipe off the dust in the gaps and corners. Nowadays, many products also have a card towel set, which can be easily installed and used to wipe the floor with various waste towels, and can also be installed with special towels to wipe glass and windows.


Trial experience: This kind of mop is very light, while the metal material is a little heavier. The mop telescopic rod adopts a taper thread lock to ensure that the length of the mop can be adjusted at will. Due to the flat design, it can penetrate into the original clean corners such as sofas and furniture gaps. However, the fine cotton yarn mop is more difficult to clean, while the microfiber cloth is more fragile and cannot wipe hard surfaces. Although the whole process of loading and unloading is quite convenient and fast, it needs to be picked up and replaced by hand.


When drying, the fine cotton yarn mop and microfiber cloth can be taken off directly and separated from the mop. The former is more difficult to dry.


5.magic mop


Magic mop can control the dry humidity of the cloth by itself, and has the effects of cleaning, dusting and water absorption, saving time and convenience, and drying quickly and safer. The patented design of the new mop head can rotate 360 ??degrees, uniformly clean, and easily penetrate into any corner. Unique cloth fiber, strong cleaning, wear-resistant and antibacterial, will not scratch all kinds of floors or other delicate surfaces of cleaning surfaces.


6.microfiber mop


Fiber mops have only emerged in recent years. They have overturned the original design of mops. Generally, they are designed with a flat panel, so that the mop can have full contact with the ground, and it can be super strong under the action of microfiber and cotton thread. Decontamination ability. Not only can it be used to mop the floor, but it can also be used to wipe window glass in high places.


7.sponge mops


First of all, we must know that this kind of sponge is very absorbent, and its shrinkage function is the best among all materials. The high-fiber brush head design can firmly stick paper scraps and dust on the brush head, so this mop It is also more convenient to use. Compared with ordinary mops, because the brush head uses cloth strips, it cannot absorb water when in use. Sponge mops are extremely absorbent, which can make the floor dry quickly. This is very helpful for wooden floors that are afraid of moisture.


8.twist mop


Twist mop is a new type of mop that can overcome all the shortcomings of the past mop, and it is light and easy to handle, easy to clean, hands are completely free from stains, away from stains and sewage, and even ground debris can be easily attached; twist mop has Super absorbent, the dewatering bucket that twist mop comes with uses the principle of centrifugal force, just step on the pedal lightly, you can quickly shake off the water! The mop head of twist mop is made of special ultra-fine fiber, and the super water absorption performance ensures that the mopping will no longer have water stains.


9.cotton yarn mop


Cotton yarn mop, its biggest feature is that while ensuring the self-cleaning function of the water-squeezing mop, the change in the material of the working head uses polyvinyl alcohol rubber cotton. The collodion has strong water absorption, which can fully guarantee the cleaning work needs of the working head. At present, the main changes are around the function of squeezing water. The main types are: (1) Roller squeezing water (2) Squeezing water against the plate 1. Pull-on design, simple operation. Rubber cotton mop 2. The metal rod is sprayed with plastic, which is durable and does not rust. 3. High-quality PVA rubber cotton head, super water absorption, super dry squeezing power. 4. Scope of application: cleaning of wooden floors, marble and various porcelain floors, glass windows, and kitchen porcelain walls. 5. It is convenient to replace the cotton head and save effort.


10.Microfiber Flat Scraper Mop


The microfiber flat scraper mop can reduce the workload, and it can be done without touching the mop all the time. Secondly, the replacement cloth used by the microfiber flat scraper mop is a replacement cloth of microfiber, which has very good water absorption performance. Finally, with its own drainage hole design, its own portable mop bucket professional labor-saving design, so that we will not spend much effort when draining water.


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