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BT - 16

mesh screen cleaner window brush and squeegee
mesh screen cleaner window brush and squeegee
mesh screen cleaner window brush and squeegee
mesh screen cleaner window brush and squeegee

многофункциональная шелковая щетка, мойка шелковой сетки, чистка оконных щеток, стрижка окон, стриппер для стёртки окон, съёмные сухие и влажные Стеклоочистители, применяется к окнам и окнам машины, керамической плитке, одежде, дивану

1. поверхность ворса: ворсовая щётка тонкая, может проникать в каждую щель в Марле, удобно для пыли.щётка мягких крючков может очистить обе стороны Марли.

поддержка использования в сухом и влажном виде: двухсторонняя зачистка и очистка Марли.Он может быть использован в сухом состоянии для мелкой пыли и очистки, а также увлажнения, чтобы увеличить мощность.

3, может быть подвешено, экономия пространства: хвост рукоятки имеет висячие отверстия, может быть подвешено хранение, не занимать пространство, легко получить и отпустить.

широкое применение: щётка является профессиональным инструментом для очистки сетки, подходит для дивана, кресла, стекла, столы, является хорошим помощником для очистки.

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Product number: BT-16
HEAD PART 20.5*5CM, HANDLE:38.5-63CM. 
Color: WHITE+GRAY Weight:
Package: BAG+BOX PACKAGE Qty./ctn: 40
Ctn meas: 71*43*38CM Cbm: 0.116
Tt ctn 1*40hq:
586 Tt qty 1*40hq(unit):
Total volume:


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mesh screen cleaner window brush and squeegee


What is a brush? Brushes generally refer to tools made of wool, brown, plastic wire, metal wire, etc. to remove dirt or apply ointment, etc. They are generally long or oval and have a handle. Brushes are also called brushes. Brushes are divided into industrial brushes and civil brushes according to the field of use.


China window brush manufacturer


Knowbody Cleaning products is a professional design, development, and production of cleaning tool Manufacturers, mop, Broom Factory. The products are of good quality and low price. They have been exported to dozens of countries and regions. You are welcome to email us.


China window brush manufacturer, supplier, factory


To buy window brush, look for Knowbody Cleaning, Knowbody Cleaning is a professional manufacturer of window brush, Cleaning mop, window brush Factory, Cleaning products. Welcome more new and old customers to call or email for consultation.

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  1.Clean the window screen:

  You can actually clean screens without taking them out of the frame, window screen cleaner designed for the task also eliminates some possibility of damage and speeds up the scrubbing process, so scrubbing will be far faster, way easier, and not at all risky.


  2.Double sides clean with one side brush:

  The material will clean all surfaces, and the longer fibers will even dig down to clean inside the holes. Put some soap to the mix, and you will be able to thoroughly clean any stubborn grime on screen you encounter.


  3.Detachable long-reach handle:

  This set is detachable, you could either use the handheld brush only, or use the brush along with the 9" handle as a set. Far more gentle than a brush, and way quicker too. Get this effective tool to save loads of time and energy while making things look new again.


  4.Wet and dry dual-use:

  It can be used dry for light dusting and maintenance cleaning, or you can get it wet to increase your power. For removing pollen, cottonwood fuzz, and other dusty debris, you can use the screen cleaning brush to quickly pick it up. When wet with water alone, it will remove most dirt and grime that is a little more stuck.


  5.The versatility of usage:

  You can quickly dust surfaces on sofa, carpet, sheet, clothes, or thoroughly scrub them depending upon your needs The material is totally reusable, so rinse clean and hang to dry when you finish so it is incredibly affordable for the long term.

wdh-site wdh-site

  1: Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

  All of them. We are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of household cleaning products.288 Shangguan Road, Linhai City,

  Zhejiang Province, China. We are a trading company selling cleaning and laundry product.


  2: How can I get one or more samples?

  1> Apply for express account, such as FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS, etc., so that samples can be paid on delivery.


  3: What's your minimum order?

  A: Our products are delivered in full containers. It is acceptable that all kinds of products meet the minimum order quantity.


  4: What about the delivery date?

  After we confirm all the production details with our customers, the normal delivery time is 35 to 45 days.


  5: What are your terms of payment and delivery?

  Payment method: telegraphic transfer. 30% as down payment before manufacture and 70% as balance before delivery.

  Delivery: FOB Ningbo is recommended for all buyers. If the quantity is large, our entity is also close to Shanghai port.


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